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Welcome to my homepage. This site is a reflection of my interests in history, arts and culture (in the broadest sense of the word). I'd like to hear from anyone on any issue. This might just possibly be the best 17th-century discussion forum in the world. (I've only found two so far!)


  New! March 2004. 'Time travel is easy.' A history blog for school-aged historians. Please contact me if you would like to contribute. Click on the link in the menu column.

  New! April 2004. Q&A The News forum has been converted to a Q&A section for students of the early modern period.

  The Little Portrait Project The portraits on coins, stamps and other everyday small objects are often overlooked. I hope to collect as many photographs of this kind of portrait as possible. I believe that this will help us learn about the role of portraiture in our daily lives. You can see them in the Cabinet of Curiosities.

Ely cathedral

St Nicholas'roof an...
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